The Players Theatre

The Players Art Gallery

Art Gallery Mission

The Players Gallery mission is to be an inclusive Showcase Venue for Sarasota’s visual arts community, following the guidelines and community mission of The Players Theatre.  Local Artist and Art Teacher Ali Lambert is the Gallery Coordinator.  The goal is to actively engage local artisans of all calibers and mediums to keep the Gallery accessible to the entire visual arts community.

Our Gallery Curator:

Ali Lambert

Ali Lambert is a mixed media artist from Naples. She moved to Sarasota in 1975 to attend Ringling and she still loves living in the bay area. While mostly a watercolor painter, she found her true passion after taking Judy Nadler’s Collage as Art class. Ali is the Youth Program Coordinator at Art Center Sarasota and currently teaches children’s art classes.


Our Recent Featured Artists:

Tony Corbitt, Jr.

I started drawing very early in life. Subjects were usually my favorite characters from movies and cartoons, often referenced from a VHS freeze frame on the television. To this day, I am rarely found without my unlined, Moleskin journal and a #2 pencil.  In my mid-twenties, I became serious about painting. I found myself struggling with oil paint until I started making Xerox copies of works by the Old Masters. I would tediously copy numerous Velazquez portraits, note for note, brush stroke by brush stroke. Over time, the tones and colors began to match more closely. It really helped train my eye and hand. I am now a full-time artist and continue to paint daily; be it a paint sketch of my dog in the living room or on stage for an audience. I can’t seem to fully enjoy an experience unless I’m sketching it or breaking out the easel. I’m obsessed.

Tony Corbitt Jr, Artist & Owner: Selph Road Studios.


Francoise “Frenchie” M. Stotts

Once called “one of the most talented classical dancers in Europe, Francoise Mandonnaud Stotts was born in Limoges, France, and went on to live on of the most exciting lives in show business before becoming an American citizen, and moving to Sarasota, Florida. Hand-picked by Roland Petit to join his world-famous ballet company, Francoise (who acquired the theatrical nickname “Frenchie”) toured the United States and went on to perform as a featured dancer throughout Europe on the stage, in television and in movies. She was last seen on “Star Search.” After pursuing a second career as a photo stylist in the US, she embarked on a third career as a successful artist. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, one-woman-shows, art festivals and art centers in Williamstown, MA and in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL. “Frenchie The Artist” is Francoise’s first book is the story of a colorful and extraordinary life fearlessly lived and yours to enjoy!

To find out more about Frenchie, you can visit her website at

Her book is available on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble/Nook and Bookstore 1 Sarasota; 1359 Main Street, Sarasota.

Michelle McCoy

“As an art therapist I worked with disabled and mentally ill kids and teenagers as well as with old people in hospices. I would work with them on a daily basis and arrange exhibitions with their artworks to raise money for the facilities.

After moving to the United States in 2012 I decided to do my own artwork and I really enjoy it.

My current work is about dancers. The movement, the passion, the dedication, the outfits…..everything inspires me to paint it. I love to play with different media. That’s the reason why my paintings are all mixed media.

The name of the theme is “Dedication To Dance” and currently counts 10 different paintings. All my paintings are also available in high quality Giclèe prints stretched on canvas with all the adornments like the original and as Giclèe print not stretched or framed without the adornments.”


Come and Visit!

Celebrating 86 years of vibrant community theatre!

838 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 365-2494

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