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(not available at other theatrical venues in Sarasota as explained below)

Help give back to our community by greeting and seating our wonderful patrons. In turn, you will benefit in ways not available at any other performing venue in Sarasota. You will have a seat at every performance, you will know your schedule for the coming year when performances are announced in the fall and you will not be working with strangers each time. Instead, you will be assigned to a team where you can work with new friends. To volunteer for an usher position (or to re-register as a returning usher), please click here

Other venues have limited opportunities because of union rules. At The Players, you can rekindle the fun and enjoyment experienced during the days of high school and college “class plays.” If you have experience, you can fit right in. If not, we will train you. Positions available are:

  • backstage crew
  • computer input
  • costume sewing
  • lighting
  • poster distribution
  • props
  • set construction
  • set painting
  • sound
  • telephone support
  • ticket sales
  • wardrobe maintenance

To volunteer for an “other position,” please click here

If you have a question or want more information, please click here

2014-15 SPECIAL SHOWS SIGN-UP — ushers only
Instructions for signing-up will be posted shortly. Hint: look for an email from “SignUpGenius.”

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