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As many of you might already know, our proposal to invest $6 million and assume a 30-year lease at the Municipal Auditorium was faced with criticism from a vocal minority of community stakeholders whose concerns we feel well positioned to address. In addition, some recent press has mischaracterized and misunderstood our historic organization’s scope, needs, impact and vision.

In order to help paint a more accurate picture of our value to the region, we are asking our patrons and supporters to make their voices heard. In a recent op-ed of our own—published in the Herald-Tribune and in SRQ Magazine’s “Daily”—we outline in great detail why we are a perfect fit for the Municipal Auditorium.

Over our 92-year history, The Players has existed with the explicit purpose of providing an accessible, welcoming, constructive community arts organization that can enrich the lives of our region. Now, we call upon the countless lives we’ve touched in our community to come together in support of our proposed plans to enhance and utilize the historic Municipal Auditorium. Here is how you can help us demonstrate that we have the best interests of our community in mind as we look to reaffirm the City of Sarasota as our home:

  • Use your social media accounts to share our recently published op-ed in which we lay out why our proposal is a mutually beneficial opportunity for the city. Encourage your social media connections to do the same, and to engage with the article in the comments.
  • The Herald-Tribune’s website allows for comments under articles, so we encourage you to courteously and constructively voice your support for the proposal there.
  • Write to the City of Sarasota commissioners to let them know The Players’ value to you and that you think the city’s first arts organizations is a perfect fit for one of its oldest venues. For those who live within the City, tell them how excited you’d be for the operating costs of the Auditorium to be earmarked for other services. Feel free to use any of the other talking points in our op-ed.

Mayor Erik Arroyo:

City Commissioner Ahearn-Koch:

City Commissioner Alpert:

Vice Mayor:

City Commissioner:

  • Make your voices heard during public comment periods and at the next City Commission meeting in which we present a renewed proposal. Please be on the lookout for another email from us when we know the date of the next meeting in which we’ll propose our updated plans for the Municipal Auditorium.
Amanda Heisey

Amanda Heisey

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