Actor Spotlight: Jim Floyd, “A Christmas Carol”

Jim Floyd, last seen on The Players Centre for Performing Arts (TPC) stage in 12 Angry Jurors, has taken on the monumental task of starring in our next show, A Christmas Carol. This isn’t your regular Charles Dickens holiday classic. In this version of the well-known novella, Floyd faces the challenge of playing 20 different characters.

A one-man play is no small task, but Floyd, who’s also played such memorable roles as Eddie in A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, Theo Maske in Steve Martin’s The Underpants and Oscar in The Odd Couple all for TPC, could not be a better choice. Even after the unexpected break, those working in the arts have been forced to take due to Covid-19, Floyd is ready for another role.

“First off, having the opportunity to do live theatre in the midst of a pandemic is monumental,” says Floyd. “With so many actors out of work at the moment, I am extremely grateful that I get the chance to do any kind of theatre, let alone a one-man show!”

So, how does it feel to portray 20 vastly different characters?

“Being able to portray over 20 characters in this beloved Christmas story is so unique: for example, not only do I have conversations with myself as different characters, but I have to include the narration during those scenes as well!” he says. “It is definitely a great challenge, but I am really excited to see if I can bring all these iconic characters to life!”

Join us for this heart-warming tale, directed by Jeffery Kin, Dec. 10 – 20, 2020 at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime. Chairs will be provided, health and safety measures will be followed including mandatory masks and Hamlet’s Eatery will be open until 7:15pm on evening show dates and Sunday show dates from 10 to 2pm.

Learn more here and purchase your tickets online or by calling 941.365.2494.

Amanda Heisey

Amanda Heisey

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