Broadway Performance Groups
Coming soon!

Fall Play
Ages 13-18
Rehearsals September 3-Nov 10
Performance Dates Nov 8-10

Director | Thayer Greenberg 


Winter  Middle School Musical
Ages 11-14
Auditions Nov 14
Callbacks Nov 15-16

Rehearsals Tues-Thurs 6-8:30pm

Performance Dates
Feb. 9, 10, 11

Director | Thayer Greenberg
Music Director | TBD

Spring Generations Musical
Ages 6-18
Auditions: March (TBD)
Callbacks: March (TBD)

Rehearsals Tues-Thurs 6-8:30pm
Saturdays (Main Rehearsals) 9-11:30am

Performance Dates
May 30-June 1

Director | Karla Quiñones Castillo

Music Director | TBD

Spring Musical
Extended Rehearsal Schedule

Ages 6-10
Rehearsals August 31-March 17
Performance Dates March 15-17, 2025

Director | Lacey Knispel
Choreographer | Logan Junkins


Winter High school Musical

Ages 14-18
Auditions Nov 19
Callbacks Nov 20-21

Performance Dates
February 21-23

Director | Brian Finnerty
Choreographer | TBD
Music Director | TBD

Summer Studio Rep

Auditions: May (TBD)
Callbacks: May (TBD)

Rehearsals Tues-Thurs 6-8:30pm
Saturdays (Main Rehearsals) 9-11:30am

Performance Dates:
August (TBD)

Director | Thayer Greenberg
Music Director | TBD

Welcome to The Sarasota Players Studio
Performance groups!

Auditions: Auditions and callbacks are held on the first days of Rehearsals. Directors will notify members of the group with what they will need to prepare prior to auditions!

All roles in a show are important, and being in a show is a commitment, please talk as a family before auditioning. 

Tuition: Tuition is 600$/show. Multi-show discounts and financial assistance/payment plans are available. 

Rehearsals Ages 6-10: Elementary School
Main rehearsals are held Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm. Monday/Wednesday rehearsals will be called weekly depending on need. Not all cast members will be called every Monday’s and Wednesdays. 

Rehearsals Ages 11-14: Middle School
Rehearsals are held 6:00-8:30 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursdays each week, and Saturday’s from 10-12pm.  Not all students will be called each day, and a comprehensive schedule will go out each week. 

Generations Show Rehearsals Ages 7-18:  Rehearsals for ensemble and whole cast will be Saturdays from 9am-11:30am. Weekly rehearsals will be called Tues-Thurs 6-8pm for certain characters and as needed. 

Payment: The $600 Tuition Payment is all inclusive and parents will not be asked for anything once tuition is received. Price includes, Costume, Director, Music Director, T-shirt, Video of performance, professional photos and two tickets to a performance of your choice. No Payment is required until show is cast!

Tech Week: The week before a performance is considered “tech week”. This is when all of the technical elements are added to the show, and students rehearse in the space. These rehearsals are mandatory, and students cannot miss.

Questions? Please give us a call at The Studio!


Production Classes per semester range per production group. 

We calculate this cost based on royalty and licensing fees, instructor salaries, and overall production costs including set, costume, sound, and props. Production classes are a commitment and are to be viewed as such. Minimal conflicts will be allowed and will need to be presented at the first rehearsals for auditions and callbacks. During the week of the show Zero conflicts will be allowed for productions groups during tech rehearsals. Please plan accordingly. 

**It is recommended that you take a studio class in conjunction with your chosen production group. This is to further training, technique, and overall performance quality. Students may be asked to take a class before being accepted in a performance group. 

Class fees must be paid in advance upon enrollment or a payment arrangement must be made up front. No student is turned away due to an inability to pay. Scholarships are available and payment plans are available.