Become a ovation circle member

The Players Centre has a long history as a community theatre in Sarasota. As the first theatre in what’s now known as the Cultural Coast we’re proud to have led the way for so many thriving arts organizations in the region. And not only arts organizations, but to have offered so many performers the opportunity to start their career or continue their passion. We like to think we’ve earned a standing ovation, but we also know that we owe a BIG “standing O” to our donors that have allowed us to continue our mission for 93 years. 

To make sure no one ever forgets what they mean to us, we named a very special group of donors Ovation Circle Members. These are donors that contribute $1,000 or more to The Players over the course of a year. With the help of the Ovation Circle The Players Centre is able to update our sound equipment and lighting software. You can help purchase tools for our costume department and props that really make our shows shine. We can never truly thank the ovation circle enough, but we’ll keep trying. 

Make a greater commitment to your local community theatre and become a member of this special group today. >>> HERE.
Email Morgan Gerhart at or call 941-365-2494 with questions!