SideBar Series

In an intimate Black Box setting located at The Sarasota Players Studio in the Rosemary District, the Sidebar Series are shows that fall off the beaten path and are designed to intrigue and engage audience members. Carefully curated by Artistic Director, Steven H. Butler, the stories are chosen to reflect on the fragility of the human condition.

All shows will take place at The Sarasota Players Studio, 1400 Blvd. of the Arts, Suite 200, Sarasota, FL 34236

See our full 94th Season brochure here. 

by Joseph Allen Smith

September 8-10 and 15-17, 2023

Ralph and Louise are in their 60s. They have been married for 37 years. They have no children. They are retired and lead a quiet life. They never talked about what life would be like after, you know, it happens … But it happened. And now, three years later, Ralph is still struggling with widowhood and the consequences of past decisions. In this one-man show, Ralph tells the story of a very special ring.

Winter Flowers
by Lily Rusek

October 20-22 and 27-29, 2023

For most of her life, Delphie has been taking care of her
adult younger sister Rosie, who has the mental ability of a five-year-old. Delphie, now dying of stomach cancer, must provide for her sister’s future, and had decided to place them both in a nursing home. However, Rosie refuses to leave their family home, forcing Delphie to make a new plan.

Deals with gripping social issues and death

Pass Over
by Antoinette Nwandu

November 10-12 and 17-19, 2023

Pass Over reimagines Beckett’s Waiting for Godot through the eyes of two inner-city Black men. Moses and Kitch stand around on the corner – passing the time and hoping that maybe today will be different. As they dream of their promised land, a stranger wanders into their space with his own agenda and derails their plans. Emotional and lyrical, Pass Over crafts everyday profanities into poetic and humorous riffs, exposing the unquestionable human spirit of young men stuck in a cycle just looking for a way out.

Deals with gripping social issues and death
Adult language